A Professional Association and Community for Reiki Practitioners

The Reiki GuildWe aim to provide information and resources to both the general public and to Reiki practitioners.

We encourage Reiki practitioners to become members of The Reiki Guild.

All of our members agree to a code of practice which is a guarantee to the public that they will receive the highest standard of attention and care.




Are you seeking REIKI?

On our website, you will find information about REIKI; what it can do for you, what to expect, where you can find a registered REIKI practitioner in whom you can have the confidence that you will receive professional treatment appropriate to you.

Are you a REIKI Practitioner?

Whether you are a practitioner or a teacher, membership of THE REIKI GUILD offers you many benefits:

  • guaranteed standard of practice
  • access to resources
  • training programmes and seminars

It's easy to become a member and join our ever increasing community.
The Reiki Council is the lead body for Reiki practitioners in the UK (website)